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John MacLean, Gainsborough Studios, London N1 5EB.

John MacLean is an experimental photographer based in the UK. 

His diptychs, montages, biographical landscapes, uncanny interiors and urban tableau are carefully constructed with the aim of producing intelligent pictures which persuade the viewer to pause for thought.

Since 2008 he has used digital photography to engage with the subjects that fascinate him: art history, contemporary culture, psychology and philosophy—but above all—photography itself.

His intention is never simply to record the world around him. His art is one of subtle persuasion: a quiet revolution which demonstrates how photography can help us better understand how we perceive the world—and ourselves within it.

Each of his eight projects start with a simple idea which unfolds into a distinctive series:

Hometowns presents layered images which consider how artists are influenced not only by their place of origin, but by the art they encounter. 

Conversations invites the language of emoji into photography’s digital realm. It wryly visualises the psychological impact of our virtual, online existence and the erosion of our belief in photographs. 

Outthinking the Rectangle intends to show that the camera’s viewfinder, the picture frame and the art gallery are ideologically charged spaces—rather than merely inert image-containers. 

Two and Two is a series of diptychs which deconstruct conventional photographic rhetoric—whilst undermining the time-based convention of ‘the decisive moment’. 

New Colour Guide scrutinises the building blocks of digital colour. A strategic use of electronic flash creates flattened, colour-centric images which continue a surrealist tradition of delving into the reality of what we see.

A to B reinvigorates photography’s historic connection with death. It retraces the 18th century route of condemned prisoners across London to the gallows at Tyburn. Each picture paradoxically making darkness visible—whilst lending absence a sculptural solidity. 

City proposes a detour from Street Photography’s stereotypes. It is an allegorical photo-essay which portrays loneliness and existential boredom within the impersonal architecture of modernity. 

Your Nature weaves the subjects of human nature, nature and ultimately the nature of images into a project which suggests that our evolutionary past shapes all our actions and interactions—both good and bad.

‘As a medium photography has its strengths but also its linguistic limitations. As audiences bombarded with images everyday – we get used to absorbing rather than reading photographs, forgetting that they form a culturally encoded, often politically charged, language. MacLean’s work aims to jolt us out of this complacency.’ Camilla Brown.

Selected Recent Exhibitions

2022. The Possibility of an Island. Photo 50, London.
2021. Two and Two. Small is Beautiful. Flowers Gallery, Mayfair.
2021. But These Forms Need To Be Created. Sakakini Cultural Center, Palestine.
2021. Send Me An Image. C/O Berlin.
2020. Conversations. Small is Beautiful. Flowers Gallery.
2020. Conversations. PhotoLondon. Flowers Gallery.
2019. Outthinking the Rectangle. Moving the Image. Camberwell Space.
2019. Your Nature. Contemporary. Flowers Gallery.
2018. Your Nature. Unseen at ParisPhoto.
2018. Hometowns. Grand Prix Fotofestiwal Lodz, Poland.
2018. Homeward Bound. Curated by Aaron Schuman.
2017. Oxford Photo Festival.
2017. Trabojos de Artista, Galeria La Puntual, Barcelona.
2017. Hometowns. Format Festival, Derby.
2016. Out of Obscurity. Flowers Gallery, London.
2015. Hometowns. Paris Photo Restaged, at Flowers Gallery.
2015. Hometowns. Unseen Amsterdam with Flowers Gallery.
2015. Radical Color, Newspace Center Photography USA.
2014. Hometowns. Brighton Photo Biennial.
2014. Hometowns. New Galerie im Hohmannhaus (Germany).
2014. A to B. On Landscape, (London).
2013. New Colour Guide. Dispara Xestion Cultural (Spain).
2012. New Colour Guide. Uncommon Ground. Flowers Gallery (London).
2011. City. For Japan. Hotshoe Gallery (London).
2011. City. Flowers Gallery (London)
2011. City. Continuum, Intervention Gallery (London)
2010. Two and Two. Solo Exhibition. Flowers Gallery (London).

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Awards / Selected Book Exhibitions

2021. Interiors. Printed Matter NYC.
2020. Interiors. The ICA. ABC Days.
2020. Interiors. Centre for Artists’ Publications, Bremen.
2019. Your Nature. FT Weekend Pick. PhotoLondon 2019.
2019. Outthinking the Rectangle. Photobookshow, Lithuania.
2018. Nominated for The Deutsche Borse Photography Foundation Prize.
2017. Winner: Yet Magazine Issue 11 Open Call.
2017. Finalist: Renaissance Prize.
2017. Winner: Kassel Experts’ Best Photobooks.
2016. Winner: Best International Photobook 2016.
2016. The Photobook Exhibition, Benaki Museum, Athens
2015. The Luma Book Awards, Arles. Special Mention.
2014. Photobookshow, Tokyo, Japan.
2014. Infocus. Phoenix Art Gallery, USA.
2013. A Fair, Kansas, USA. Curated by Travis Shaffer.
2013. Paris Photo, LePhotobookFest.
2012. Flash Forward, Boston. June 2012.
2011. Krakow Photomonth,
2011. Flash Forward (Boston),
2011. The International Book Fair (Kassel),
2011. Berlin Book Fair,
2011. New York Photo Festival


John MacLean


John MacLean, Gainsborough Studios, London N1 5EB.